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The Vatican city - Travelogue

The Vatican city is an amazing historical place in Rome. Especially the St. Peter’s Church souring high, the central attraction. Full of happy looking tourists roaming feeling safe, quite unaware of the disturbing past from the history.

The great war between science and religion. Church overpowered artists and scientists and branded and killed four of them to spread fear among the others.

The illuminate have returned for their payback to the church in the book “ Angels and Demons” by the sensational author Dan Brown. The famous symbolist Robert Langdon has been summoned to solve the mystery .

The Vatican city is in a mess, with the sudden death of the pope, conclave of anti matter is stolen capable of consuming the entire Vatican city in light.The illuminate have returned for revenge by branding the Pufiti and destroying the city with the invention

Who will win this time, the war is on.................

– Jeel Gada 8th Shraddha


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