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The Beauty of Books in my life - Ritu Gala (9th N)

My mom often tells me that don’t get influenced by a fictional character of a book so much that you forget about the world around you. But i don’t understand one thing. If i really would’ve been influenced by a character from a Book, I would have been down with lung cancer, missing by Augustus Waters, or i would have become a vampire by now, or probably I would’ve gone away to Orlando, where my Quentin would have found me. If not all of these things, then maybe i would be solving a mystery about a girl, who lived right opposite to the train tracks and who was murdered. Or atleast I would have been dead by now after launching 13 tapes about why i ended my life. But unfortunately, I would have been blessed with only one life and how i wish that I would get to live all the characters of my choice. I guess my books are calling me back, This is Aisha Paul signing off! Good Bye


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