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How do I Get On My Sister’s Nerves :D - Riya Bali

Having a sister is a great blessing only a few can get. Though, no

one knows if it’s a blessing or curse. I have an elder sister. I’m sure she’s a

blessing to me but I like to irritate her and get on her nerves. She is taller

than me and thin. She’s 14 years old and I’m 11.

My sister was the green house captain of our school, so she had to

wear a captain badge every day. One night, I took a glass of water, a card

and her captain’s badge with me in the washroom. I kept the captain badge

inside the glass of water, kept the card on the glass, then turned the glass

upside down and left the glass near the shower and hid it behind a mug

while removing the card. I was eager for the next morning.

Me and my sister got up for school and did the usual morning

routine. But, when my sister wanted to put the badge on, she couldn’t find

it. She searched all over the house, frustrated and infuriated. At last, she

found it in the washroom and at once got to know that I played that trick. I

got on her nerves, and she was outraged and kept shouting at me. I just

kept on laughing all the way to the school. But, my sister couldn’t help

getting happy and cheerful, after all sisters are sisters you can get mad at

them only for a short period of time because you have important stuff to

tell them.

Then, sometimes when my sister studies, I keep bouncing a ball

again and again till she yells at me. Once, my sister went for tuitions and

was about to reach home. I quickly hid under the bed, then when she came

inside and was in my reach I grabbed her leg. She was scared to death that

time and as usual I was laughing helplessly on the floor. My sister doesn’t

like the song ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran, so I keep singing it and again to get

on her nerves. Happiness is ………….. annoying your sister.

I smile because I have a sister, I laugh because she can’t do anything

about it. We are sisters, always remember that if one of us falls the other

one will pick you up after she finishes laughing.


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