Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Harry’s parents are killed and he is sent to live with his mother’s family. He had to live in a closet under the stairs and did a lot of things he could not explain. Then he got to know that he was a wizard when he was getting letters from Hogwards the school of witchcraft and wizardery. When he reached Hogwards he was sorted into Gryffindor with his 2 friends Ron and the-know-it-all Hermione. They get to know about the orcerer’s stone and that someone is trying to steal it. At the end Voldemort [the one who kills Harry’s parents] comes to steal the Sorcerer’s stone but Harry fights with Voldemort and saves the stone and everyone else.

I love this book and it’s really

interesting. My favorite part of the book is the

game of QUIDDITCH. My favorite character is

Hermione because she’s and loves to read

books and reading books is my hobby too. This

is my favorite book from the Harry Potter


I give this book

5 stars and I would

recommend everyone

to read it.

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